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Case Study 

Newmarket Offices, Dublin

SITE Newmarket Offices
SECTOR Office Development

Newmarket Offices is a new development located in the heart of Dublin 8, designed to be a A8 rated building, it provides approx. 80,000 sq. ft of high-performance workspace over 5 floors.

The Newmarket area is an ever growing vibrant commercial and residential centre which benefits from a wide variety of amenities and lies just 1km from Dublin City Centre.

As part of the new site infrastructure PM POWER was awarded the contract to supply and commission a new standby diesel generator, the selected generator is rated to supply up to 110kVA during a power failure.

The generator was supplied in a close fit, weatherproof, canopy, suitable for the external rooftop location and was positioned on a purpose-built sub-frame, to reduce the vibration transferring through the building structure.

Newmarket Offices - Dublin
Newmarket Offices - Dublin
Newmarket Offices - Dublin
Newmarket Offices - Dublin
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