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Case Study

Craigavon Area Hospital

SITE Craigavon Area Hospital
LOCATION Craigavon, N. Ireland
SECTOR Healthcare


Primark Tamworth, England
Primark Tamworth, England

Craigavon Area Hospital is a teaching hospital in Craigavon, County Armagh, Northern Ireland.

It serves an estimated 241,000 people from the boroughs/districts of Craigavon, Banbridge, Armagh and Dungannon–South Tyrone and is managed by the Southern Health and Social Care Trust.

The generator is a Cummins C2750D5BE, with a standby rating of 2,750kVA, installed in a bespoke designed canopy within the generator plant room to achieve a low noise level when running.

This advanced Cummins generator was selected by the hospital due to it’s market leading load step capabilities and performance criteria, which is essential in a mission critical application like Craigavon Area Hospital.

PM POWER was also responsible for the design, supply and on-site installation of the complete fuel system including double skin, steel, Day & Bulk Fuel Tanks and associated diesel pipe work, designed to run the generator at full load for 72hours.

As well as a new dedicated control system designed to synchronise the generator with the 2no independent NIE incoming supplies.

Primark Tamworth, England
Primark Tamworth, England
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