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Case Study

Ards North WwTW

SITE Ards North WwTW
LOCATION Northern Ireland
SECTOR Waste Water


Primark Tamworth, England
Primark Tamworth, England

The Ards North Wastewater Improvement Project represents an £18m investment by NI Water to upgrade the existing wastewater collection and treatment systems serving a large part of the Ards Peninsula to bring The new wastewater treatment infrastructure will support long-term economic growth in local development and tourism.

Additionally, the investment will deliver environmental improvements, including cleaner beaches and bathing waters, which will benefit all those living, working or visiting this scenic part of the Ards Peninsula.about social, economic, and environmental benefits.

The generator is a Cummins C300D5, with a standby rating of 300kVA, installed in a bespoke designed container to achieve a low noise level when running.

PM POWER was also responsible for the supply and on-site installation of a double skin, steel, Bulk Fuel Tank and associated diesel pipe work, designed to run the generator at full load for 72hours.

Primark Tamworth, England
Primark Tamworth, England
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