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Let’s talk about Mental Health

Thank you to Cummins for inviting our Joint Managing Director – Colin McKibbin to attend the recent two day Mental Health First Aid Course at their Irish Headquarters in Dublin.

“It was an extremely beneficial course and a complete game changer for me, it not only emphasises the importance of looking after the mental health of others, but also yourself. It gives me the skills to identify the early signs in others and myself, how to deal with it, and preventing it reoccurring with exercises such as mindfulness”.

Approximately 1 in 5 suffer from mental health issues in Ireland and the UK, so if 50 people read this post then approximately 10 may be suffering, perhaps in silence!

If you are suffering from any issues related to mental health, including anxiety or depression, then please talk to someone and seek help. Or if you suspect someone you know is, please don’t be afraid to ask and encourage them to talk about it.

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